Sea Monkeys Rule!

The Fun Guide to Keeping Sea Monkeys

Hello and welcome to Sea Monkeys Rule!

Sea Monkeys are the instant hatching wonders that have won the love and imagination of children and adults for more than half a century!

Stay a while and take the time to explore the fascinating history of the product, the animal, and everything you ever wanted to know about these wonderful little sea creatures.

Sea Monkeys celebrate 50 years!

Did you know: Children of the 60s, and 70s ordered their Sea Monkeys kits from the pages of their favourite comic books!

For over 50 years now Sea Monkeys have been a favourite pet of people both young and old the world over.


Advertisment from the  back of a comic book. Circa 1971.

The children who first fell in love with Sea Monkeys in the early 70s and 80s grew up and one day had children of their own. The 90s and 00s were now apon us and a new "Sea Monkeys Craze" swept the planet. Now parents, the same ones who had kept sea monkeys when they were kids, wanted to share with their children nostalgic and with fond memories of their  own happy child hood experiences keeping Sea-Monkeys wanted their kids to have their very own set of Sea Monkeys and so the tradition has continued.

The legendary and original, "instant life" in a packet who were launched into space by NASA on board the space shuttle. The very same Sea Monkeys that were a dream pet, and fantasy come true. For just a few dollars these wonderful marvels of nature could be ordered from the pages of comic books the world over. For over fifty years, beloved Sea Monkeys have been part of global pop culture and are just as popular now, if not more so.

So what are Sea-Monkeys?

Believe it or not, Sea Monkeys are actually shrimp and therefore they are crustaceans. Crustaceans include many hard bodied animals that mainly live in water such as crayfish and crabs but some also live on the land such as a few types of land dwelling hermit crabs and amphipods the kind of and part of a prehistoric family called Brachiopoda. The family also contains the Fairy Shrimp, Clam Shrimp and Triops. The common name for Sea Monkeys is Brine Shrimp because they naturally occur in very salty waters such as "The Great Salt Lake in Utah U.S.A." The correct latin name for Sea Monkeys is Artemia nyos which is named after the New York Ocean Science Laboratories "where Sea Monkeys were originally developed". These hybrid brine shrimp were especially bred to live under conditions found in the home. So Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys truly are "the world's only FULLY MAN MADE PETS...they grow larger and live longer than the wild varieties of Brine Shrimp!

DJ Lance Rock

The Steps


When you first open your Sea Monkeys kit, you will notice that there are three sachets. Each Sachet has a unique colour, name and and a number.

The first two sachets contain either water purifier plus sea water crystals or Sea Monkey eggs plus sea Water crystals, the third sachet contains a specialy formulated algae and yeast based micro-powdered diet, especialy designed for the healthy raising of Sea Monkeys and allong with natural algae that grow in their tank is the only diet they need. 

By carefully following the directions that came with your kit, you  begin by dissolving the contents of Sachet One (Water Purifier) in to 280 millilitres (12 Oz) of "pure drinking water".

Please Note! - There are some variations in the instructions for other kits so only use the ones that came from your kit.

Just twenty four hours later you can add sachet two "Instant Life" formula which along with other things contain the mysterious ingredient that hatches live baby Sea Monkeys instantly.

Upon addition to the water, the crystals begin to dissolve releasing the many sleeping Sea Monkeys, and in that moment you will have created "Instant Life"!

Along with millions of others who've experienced the joy and exhilaration of seeing your own baby Sea Monkeys magicley spring to life,  keeping such a wonderfull and easy to care for pet like Sea Monkeys, you to will learn to single-handedly feed and raise the world's most amazing living, breathing instant pets!"

After you have enjoyed reading all there is know about caring for Sea Monkeys and you have finaly had the chance to hatch out some of your own, im sure you too will agree that these adorable little friends sea pals are simply the most amazing creatures and the world is a better place because of them.

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